„Only Two Things are Essential to The Success of Man:
1.) find the right job
2.) find the right partner.“ (S. Freud)

Women follow success – so let’s focus on #1 first.

Imagine for 5 seconds:

You have found the ultimate partner for your future research work, a highly qualified and motivated team, you achieve and preserve technological competitive advantage, advanced products and technologies for a prosperous future …

What we do for YOU – Take Step # 1

We find partner for your master thesis-/research projects:

  • Qualify, upgrade your research work by adding profit and future sustainablity with
  • ultimate technology partners

Sign in as B.Sc., M.Sc. / PhD- candidates preparing thesis

  • M.Sc.-, phd – candidates in technical faculties and scientific studies, from universities and public research institutions (like Fraunhofer, Helmholtz, Max- Planck-, AiF)
  • to accelerate and empower candidates by providing valuable thesis- related contacts in manufacturing industry  (f.e. Drive Technology: check sppecific offers here)
  • and Contracting
  • => liberates future research work from burocratic national restrictions, empowers research talents to find business partners.

Sign in as team managers /-members in R&D

and find highly qualified, motivated and mobile tech- students, offspring young academics,
in a greater pool of 10.000 (2019) up to 40.000 (2021) students from all over Europe.
We end MINT R&D / HR shortage

Why join ResearchUp?

Advantages to R&D departments:

  • Talent Sourcing: powerful, focused, efficient, global
  • blockchain technology /smart contracting / peer-to-peer certification /
    optimizes all research processes involved – at each stage
  • basically: ResearchGate 2.0, supporting, boosting 3rd party finance
    by integrating SMART research contracting

What we do- the higher perspective:

This graphic displays the R&D engagements of states – proportional to their GDP.
As ResesearchUp we integrate all European (light- blue) circles into ONE.
Imagine our new power…

ResearchUP is obliged to handle these info confidential. For additional information, please let us know who you are , or write directly to TF@ResearchUp.eu 

Thank you.

Thomas Fuegner
Dipl.Kfm., Founder