Business Plan 1-Page (Q&A)

Business plan – in brief, Q&A
What problem do you aim to solve?
European R&D landscape is extremely heterogeneous: in every country researchers are on different levels working on similar problems, thus double work occurs often – discovered too late, when precious research- time an resources have been wasted.

1st solution: transparency of people in work: what we have achieved
2nd solution: transparency of work- in- progress: what are we doing?
3rd solution: transparency of work- in- future: where are we going?

This research base gives production companies an overview about the landscape, HR can rely upon.

ResearchUP provides not only by-chance-, event- driven contacts
between research and production industry, but permanent online access of all researchers, their man- power and resources.
A connecting platform for all industries, research branches to connect production, R&D departments, teams and managers
students of all technical universities- europewide.
Research Up enables, supports and accelerates each research process by mirroring research contracts digitalized in smart contracts.

How will you approach this problem?
Setting up
a.) a platform (like dating within specific leisure groups)
b.) providing a standardized contract- structure according to research -process

What alternative ideas do you have to solve the problem?
co- operation too often starts by luckily meeting on international events

What makes your proposal unique?
There may be networks within certain branches- none covers them all.
But this is exactly, what is necessary to enable creative spin-offs by collaboration of different branches

What are the benefits of the proposal?
a.) Researchers gain international connections, merits and profit for their work
b.) companies gain international access for  their needs in  HR- resources

How could prospective partners support your project?
+ an all over market of 300.000 users all over Europe
+ a minimum break/ even of 10% of market i.e. 30.000 users
+ estimated cost of € 300 per customer
We need a marketing budget of € 900.000