Iron Steel Research Development contract innovation update

Iron Steel Research Development contract innovation update

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Co- ordination of EU- Funding is essential for maintaining international competitiveness

The steel industry will play a key role on the way to a climate-neutral economy in 2050. Since a significant part of the industrial CO2 emissions in steel production occurs via the blast furnace-converter route, the use of climate-friendly technologies could have an enormous impact on climate protection. Various possibilities are known and available for this, from the direct avoidance of CO2 in the production process (Carbon Direct Avoidance CDA) to the chemical processing of the CO2 (Carbon Capture and Usage CCU), to the circular economy. They must now be quickly researched in demonstration and pilot processes for their industrial feasibility. An even stronger focus on the circular economy offers further potential for more sustainability and climate protection.

Funding required for investment and operating costs
The conversion to green production processes is associated with massive investments for steel companies. For the locations in Germany, this will amount to around 30 billion euros by 2050. In addition, there are significantly higher operating costs for climate-friendly processes. The transformation therefore requires full funding of investment costs and additional operating costs in the case of large-scale implementation. On the part of the state, European and national funding programs exist or are being set up for which steel companies can apply.

It is also important that steel companies in Germany can apply for and receive funding from the ETS Innovation Fund, which is intended to support the implementation and demonstration of low-carbon steel production. This includes that companies using this program can receive additional funding from other funding programs (“sequencing”). In the 9th EU framework program for research and innovation and the achievement of the “Clean Steel” partnership, Germany should at least participate in proportion to its share in EU steel production.


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