Cement Concrete Innovation Project Research Development Contract

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Concrete technology
Durability of concretes with clinker-efficient cements under changed concrete technological boundary conditions
Proof of durability of chemically stressed concretes and concrete components: Proofs on concrete in the event of attack by carbon dioxide
Differentiation of E III-S aggregates and derivation of concrete technical measures
Testing of the frost-thawing salt resistance of concrete for exposure class XF2
Testing and evaluation of the effective alkali content of cements
Environmentally friendly railway sleepers with calcium sulfoaluminate cements

Knowledge transfer in construction
Chemistry & Mineralogy
Effects of pre-hydration on the performance of cements, taking various clinker properties into account
Performance of ternary cements with portland cement clinker, blast furnace slag and calcined clay as the main component
Optimization of the X-ray analysis of dusts from clinker production as a basis for their utilization and for process control
Cement chemical optimization of cements containing fly ash

Cement manufacture
Accelerating CO2 capture with oxyfuel technology in cement production
CO2 separation by means of an integrated calcium looping process
Emission reduction in the stone and earth industry through model-based process optimization (EMREDPRO)
Advanced Indirectly Heated Carbonate Looping Process (ANICA)
Optimization of the sorbent-assisted dust discharge to further reduce the Hg loads from Zemen rotary kilns
Organic reduction in catalysts

Investigation of the interaction between fuel particles and cement clinker with the aim of increasing the use of substitute fuels
Investigation of the influence of alternative fuels on the formation of deposits in rotary kilns in the cement industry
Improvement of the energy efficiency in the grinding of composite cements by means of separate fine grinding on a semi-industrial scale
Procedure for the rapid testing of the quality of airworthy substitute fuels for use in the clinker burning process
Cement clinker production with simultaneous power generation