R&D team managers /-members

The future of your company depends on the quality of your individual – , and your team- members´ work! You are responsible for the technical progress, thus the sustainability of the products and processes of your company, the future incomes of all colleagues – even their families! They rely on you. And you must rely on your team. Shorter product- life- circles and accelerating competition from Tiger- states / economies from far- east, force innovations to develop faster, within shorter „time- to- market“.

You want bright heads, most flexible, maximum motivated and mobile- HERE you´ll find them.

„Progress comes from the exchange of knowledge.“ (A. Einstein) – and this is exactly what we do:

Register at ResearchUP and lift your HR / R&D- Sourcing to the next level- europewide!

Here you optimize your contacts, exchange experience, mental, personal and material ressources to develop knowledge for better or new products, for more efficient production, for the sake of all of us involved.