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Recycling construction Recyclable material
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“Germany has a problem with end-of-life vehicle disposal. Only every fifth car that is ready for scrap is actually professionally dismantled and disposed of in this country. This means that 80 percent of cars disappear from the gray market and are exported, for example, to countries where there is no legally prescribed recycling. The recycling industry and thus the automotive industry are losing vast amounts of raw materials. This not only harms the local economy, but also the global protection of resources. Ultimately, primary raw materials have to be purchased at high prices for the production of new vehicles, and their degradation also has a negative impact on the climate and the environment. So there are good reasons not to simply take the current situation in terms of end-of-life vehicle recycling as a given, but to actively work out solution concepts. TSR has taken on this task and, together with Scholz Recycling GmbH, launched the research project used car recycling or commissioned a study on this.

One task of the study was to analyze car bodies with regard to their components. And that in perspective – in other words, with a view to the vehicles that are built today and will then be recycled in ten or more years. Among other things, it emerged that the material composition of scrap cars will change significantly by 2030. Models that were recycled in 2000 were still made of more than 70 percent steel. For end-of-life vehicles by 2030, the value drops to only around 55 percent. In return, the proportion of over 50 different plastics and plastic composites increases from 15 to almost 30 percent. So there are major challenges in the recycling of junk bodies. This will make it even more difficult to comply with statutory recycling quotas.”

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