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From someone who knows about the market exactly, Prof. Philipp Sander, I am held back:

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 Is it the right time in Germany to do an STO? Issuer-side works, investor-side not existing yet

There are two main reasons why 2019 and early 2020 might be difficult for companies to issue security tokens. We identified various challenges that might it difficult for German companies doing a security token offering (STO). While it is not impossible to a STO these days, we argue that time has not yet come to ease the life of security token issuers. The key point we make is the following: “supply” of security tokens is now possible in Germany through recent decisions by the German financial market authority Bafin. Also, the technical basis allows the issuance of security tokens. But the “demand” side is the problem.

The STO market at that point in time simply lacks demand of investors. This is rooted in various reasons which reflect challenges to investors that still have to be overcome in the next years. Without these challenges being addressed, the “demand” side of the STO market — that is breadth and depth of investors — will not develop.

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That’s it, for today. Let’s hope that the Bitcoin price does not fully crash in the upcoming days and weeks. 🙂

Best regards,

Philipp Sandner

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