Fields of Research All Branches Overview

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Ressource/ Material

Automotive technology Brewing industry Asphalt
Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering Brick industry Carbon composites lightweight construction
Chemical engineering and biotechnology Computer science. Cement manufacturing technique
Chemical engineering and biotechnology Cosmetics industry Concrete (Aerated) industry
Cleaning hygiene technology Cosmetics industry Concrete and construction technology
Cold forming District heating Enamel
Combustion processes Logistics Glass industry
Concrete and construction technology Media technologies Gypsum industry
Concrete and precast industry Pharmaceutical manufacturers Iron Steel
Concrete and transportation Pigments and varnishes Lignite industry
Conveyor technology and logistics systems Plastic Lime and mortar
Cooling Technology plastic Materialsamd Tools
Corrosion protection Printing machines Metal NE/ NF
Cybernetics company Road and transport Mineral raw materials
Drive and technology Shoes Oil, natural gas, coal
Electrical engineering Steel application Plants
Electrical systems and electricity management Steel construction Plastic
Electricity, heat production technology Transport, economy and logistics Pulp and paper industry
Electronic assemblies Recycling construction Recyclable material recovery
Electroplating and surface technology Rubber
Energy and environmental technology Sustainable Raw Materials
Feed technology Textile
Food industry Wood issues
Food technology and packaging. Zinc, technology, galvanizing
Foundry technology
Gas and heat
Gas and water compartment
Glass, Silicate and technology
Heat treatment material technology
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
Internal combustion engines
Metal Manufacturing technology
Metals Precious Metal chemistry
Microelectronics and automation
Microsystem technology
Paper technology
Plastic processing i. Industry and craft Cybernetics company
Precision mechanics, optics, medical technology
Process technology
Production engineering Electrical systems and electricity management
Programming languages ​​manufacturing systems
Sheet metal processing
Ship technology and transport systems
Shipbuilding marine technology
Steel deformation
Surface technology
Thin layers
Ultra precision technology
Welding and -Process